Thanks Al Gore

Her alarm signaled the beginning of another dreadful week. “Why couldn’t I have a normal life, with a normal parent?”

“Chandler wake-up! You’re not going to make me late for work again. Some people tend to frown upon the Secretary of Education being late to work. Maybe one day you’ll understand.” As if her mother was not constantly reminding her of her importance to people of the United States.

She was dreading school more than normal this week because she knew she had her first big research paper coming up. In contrast to her mother, Chandler hated reading and hated school work. She realized this was probably because her mother only talked about “bettering the education of tomorrow, today.”

“Ugh… Mom, do you think you could help me out with a paper I have due this week? I have this research paper due on Friday, but I’m struggling to find an interesting topic to write it on. And you already know how I feel about the school library and your work library.”

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you, Chan. I already give you special access to government libraries, and I’m barely allowed to do that.”

“You always mention the… Um… the Internet! Why can’t you give me access to that? That would really make my paper stand out. And I bet it’s a lot more fun than scavenging through a library for over an hour.”

“Chandler come on now. You know I want to help you in whatever ways I can, but you know that the Internet is for government affiliations only.”

“Well it’s not my fault the people didn’t like Al Gore.”

“Alright Chan, jump out I gotta go. Come by my work after school so you can look through the library and find a topic. I’ll be sure to let Mellissa know that you’ll be coming."


Chandler approached her mother’s office. “Oh, Chandler look at you! You look so grown. Your mother is in a meeting right now, but she should be back in thirty minutes or so. She said for you to wait in her office.”

“Thanks Melissa,” said Chandler. Chandler walked into her mother’s office and threw her book bag on the couch. She plopped into the chair behind her mother’s desk and spun in circles while staring at the ceiling.

When the chair slowed down she sat up, and realized her mother’s computer was accessible within that moment.

“Enter password huh? What are the odds…” The desktop opened in front of her eyes. “My birthday backwards. Really mom?”

The once concealed world of the Internet was now at her finger tips.

And what is it that she found within the realm of the Internet? Well.. find out here.